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  1. Daniel Chekashov

    Daniel Chekashov

    3 timmar sedan

    I love Tobi so much hes the nicest person ever



    Dag sedan

    Hey fam what you going to get me for my birthday

  3. Mikey Darwish

    Mikey Darwish

    4 dagar sedan

    0:19 Mickey Mouse with the kids he’s hiding in his clubhouse

  4. gaming bot

    gaming bot

    4 dagar sedan

    Is it me or did this video make your day so much better

  5. akmal Halim

    akmal Halim

    6 dagar sedan

    Its tobisimon

  6. Sweet Nasty

    Sweet Nasty

    8 dagar sedan

    The Cory in the House thing didn’t age well

  7. Jithuabhi149


    8 dagar sedan

    What are those black shoes at 1:25

  8. Blake Tremain

    Blake Tremain

    8 dagar sedan

    15:44 the way Tobi's face just changed is hilarious

  9. UwU


    10 dagar sedan


  10. foaa


    12 dagar sedan

    but why did i suddenly get a crush on tobi from his reaction to his presents

  11. 송가은


    12 dagar sedan

    The crooked ping methodologically correct because pot speculatively force towards a nasty streetcar. relieved, learned africa

  12. apa plata

    apa plata

    12 dagar sedan

    at 10:36 you can actually see the final present on the wall



    13 dagar sedan


  14. Random  Dude

    Random Dude

    13 dagar sedan

    72 years later: Simon gives Tobi 100 presents for his bday

  15. Jencena9 Is taken

    Jencena9 Is taken

    15 dagar sedan

    :Simon . Toby is now 34 old single granny’s :tony reveal yourself No don’t do that.

  16. hubert kaminski

    hubert kaminski

    16 dagar sedan

    Lol that shot at 10:40

  17. shlix


    17 dagar sedan

    sick vid man

  18. Rxpect Rxpect

    Rxpect Rxpect

    17 dagar sedan

    I can’t believe Toby is 36🤣🤣🤣

  19. Matthew Enright

    Matthew Enright

    18 dagar sedan

    When kemba got traded 😬

  20. Archie jay the frenchie

    Archie jay the frenchie

    18 dagar sedan

    Simon's vlog's are OK.especially abroad

  21. Luan Nguyen

    Luan Nguyen

    18 dagar sedan

    who is Tommy ?

  22. The Uchiha Clan

    The Uchiha Clan

    18 dagar sedan

    5:05 I think my name shows I'm very happy for them to both be weebs or just naruto fans for that matter🥰

  23. ma dude

    ma dude

    18 dagar sedan

    15:29 that didn’t age well

  24. louie beyga

    louie beyga

    19 dagar sedan


  25. Kye Funnell

    Kye Funnell

    19 dagar sedan

    at 10:40 tobi already had the bruno boot on his wall?

  26. Amy Labrum

    Amy Labrum

    19 dagar sedan

    hes so grateful🥺

  27. Steazy 8052

    Steazy 8052

    19 dagar sedan

    10:38 the shoe is already on the wall :D

  28. Ruben Rockliffe 7

    Ruben Rockliffe 7

    20 dagar sedan

    has anyone realised that at 10:43 on the video the bruno fernand is up before he opens it

  29. Peter Archer

    Peter Archer

    21 dag sedan

    I just watched the TOBI video :)) these boys friendship is so strong I love it

  30. Richard Mbanaso

    Richard Mbanaso

    22 dagar sedan

    Man, Kyle massey got caught in 4k

  31. Jamie Burgess

    Jamie Burgess

    22 dagar sedan

    HAHAHAHA Kemba got traded

  32. Epic fail.

    Epic fail.

    23 dagar sedan

    Yah sidemen is a FAMILY

  33. Epic fail.

    Epic fail.

    23 dagar sedan

    Love u 💙♥️💙

  34. Sinful Raven

    Sinful Raven

    23 dagar sedan

    That Kembla Walker jersey didn’t age well 💀

  35. Mbapperulz7


    23 dagar sedan

    4:02 tobis face lol

  36. Steven Comino

    Steven Comino

    23 dagar sedan

    You should have been reading the sidemen book

  37. Pradhumn Dhanupia

    Pradhumn Dhanupia

    23 dagar sedan

    Tobi never lets anyone down. He was so enthusiastic while opening these gifts

  38. Phantomz_ zz

    Phantomz_ zz

    23 dagar sedan

    I thought tobi was 19 ngl holy sh*t

  39. Mark Sturgeon

    Mark Sturgeon

    24 dagar sedan

    Now we know who put Schmeichel off with the laser. Tobi Tobi Tobi...

  40. Ica Basic

    Ica Basic

    25 dagar sedan

    The fact that our

  41. Richard H.

    Richard H.

    27 dagar sedan

    All i see 28 in the title and i look at my percentages and it is at 28%

  42. Ella Bevins

    Ella Bevins

    27 dagar sedan

    Pov: you get an advert going "hello starling bank" just after tobi picks up the mini phone and goes hello😂

  43. Melanie Bafia

    Melanie Bafia

    27 dagar sedan

    AWHHHH to i is so freaking adorable i so badly wanna meet him one day

  44. Ultra-JJ- 2010

    Ultra-JJ- 2010

    29 dagar sedan

    Tobi is so grateful

  45. 芯片シ


    29 dagar sedan

    The fucking hanzo thing is dope holy

  46. Tilly Blyde

    Tilly Blyde

    Månad sedan

    The way he is more excited about the pen then anything

  47. Andres


    Månad sedan

    That Kyle Massey message didnt age well

  48. aidan norton

    aidan norton

    Månad sedan

    15:36 ... i dont think Tobi wants this anymore... Cory should've just stayed in his house 💀

  49. taterbug2727


    Månad sedan

    That Celtics Jersey aged Nicely.

  50. Maegan


    Månad sedan

    Can we bring back "skiii skrrrrrr" from the reacting vid you did with Tobi 😂😂😂😂

  51. aisha faisal

    aisha faisal

    Månad sedan

    Simon that’s not ur gf , JJ won’t be happy

  52. Colin Needham

    Colin Needham

    Månad sedan


  53. Leart Bytyçi

    Leart Bytyçi

    Månad sedan

    Its weird how tobi missed all those shots considering hes black😂😳

  54. K xBLIZZY


    Månad sedan

    Not tommy 🤣

  55. Tom AR

    Tom AR

    Månad sedan

    Does tobi want to put the great back into Britain tho

  56. Nadia 76::,78326&,3 Pappa123

    Nadia 76::,78326&,3 Pappa123

    Månad sedan

    11:47 lol

  57. Henry Ewles

    Henry Ewles

    Månad sedan

    Did anyone else notice at 10:38 in the video there’s the present that Simon gives Tobi later on, already up on the wall?

  58. Apples


    Månad sedan

    The Kemba jersey now :(

  59. Kolaid


    Månad sedan

    who’s here after kembas been traded

  60. Bigmac _7406

    Bigmac _7406

    Månad sedan

    And 2 month later Kemba was traded 😭

  61. Anonymous N

    Anonymous N

    Månad sedan

    So much for the Kemba Walker jersey lol

  62. Dion Berisha

    Dion Berisha

    Månad sedan

    Change the camera guy he isnt working

  63. Emyli Ava

    Emyli Ava

    Månad sedan

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  64. Luke German

    Luke German

    Månad sedan

    Rip to the kemba jeresy

  65. Will Guimond

    Will Guimond

    Månad sedan

    And kemba Gets traded 💀

  66. Xdinked


    Månad sedan

    NGL The Bruno boot & the Man Utd I'm jealous of! I do have a few signed pics though, Fergies my favourite that I have. I used to work security at Man Utd n secretly got a friend from the store to put my details forward for it, could've cost me my job but it was worth the risk lol. Met a ton of players, most down to earth, Gary Neville he always thanked me for stopping the crowds so he could drive off. Only a handful waved thx but he actually thanked me. And Evra nearly reversed into me ons night



    Månad sedan

    Dam sucks Kemba don’t play for Celtics no more 😑

  68. Eli on 240hz

    Eli on 240hz

    Månad sedan

    Bru kemba walker just got traded and he got his jersey

  69. R K

    R K

    Månad sedan

    Kemba gets traded lol

  70. Jack Covan

    Jack Covan

    Månad sedan

    The Jersey didn’t age well

  71. John Gradidge

    John Gradidge

    Månad sedan

    Did anyone else notice that the boot Simon gave Tobi was hung on the wall at 10:37

  72. Brian Alleyne

    Brian Alleyne

    Månad sedan

    Two months later kemba got traded And fuck the Celtics

  73. Kiwi K

    Kiwi K

    Månad sedan

    How did he manage to get Bruno’s boot I’m crying 😭😭

  74. JaKoBsN


    Månad sedan

    can you plizz get 1 more facecam for you`re stream soo we can see you`re hole set up when you are AFK:)

  75. Amartya Bhattacharyya

    Amartya Bhattacharyya

    Månad sedan

    Where does he get that cushion with his face on it??😂😂

  76. Newton Mast

    Newton Mast

    Månad sedan

    The zany christopher symptomatically spark because sound interspecifically laugh minus a fluttering baseball. abject, woozy castanet

  77. Aditya kr

    Aditya kr

    Månad sedan

    So sad seeing him holding kemba walker jersey as he just got traded to OKC😂😂😂😂

    • Aditya kr

      Aditya kr

      Månad sedan

      @Vance Krutikov for al horford i guess i dont even know his name

    • Vance Krutikov

      Vance Krutikov

      Månad sedan

      For Moses🤨🤨

  78. Squidward ll

    Squidward ll

    Månad sedan

    Won’t happy about Walker no more 😬😬

  79. Carroll Watkinsf

    Carroll Watkinsf

    Månad sedan

    The puny observation intraoperatively compare because agreement spectacularly answer than a loutish hole. festive, silly plier

  80. Avrey A Pearson

    Avrey A Pearson

    Månad sedan

    Well...Kemba is no longer on the Celtics so that’s awkward...

    • Nbcy Hbcg

      Nbcy Hbcg

      Månad sedan

      i was looking for this comment lmao

  81. Max George

    Max George

    Månad sedan

    Anyone here after Kemba got traded to OKC

  82. Unincognito


    Månad sedan

    Aimbot report for Miniminter: Reference number 029472992833

  83. Gino GG7

    Gino GG7

    Månad sedan

    Cmon pls work

  84. Bushra Cheema

    Bushra Cheema

    Månad sedan

    HAHAHAH 11:46

  85. Greg Awat

    Greg Awat

    Månad sedan

    Sup boy

  86. Fiachra Mc Dermott

    Fiachra Mc Dermott

    Månad sedan

    Ayo another hanzo fan. There's not many of us

  87. Paul Schlimmer

    Paul Schlimmer

    Månad sedan

    Lol rip to that kemba jersey

  88. Blurz


    Månad sedan

    I bought my mate a pack of gum for his birthday

  89. David John Au

    David John Au

    Månad sedan

    Kemba Walker got traded :/

  90. vEE Garcia

    vEE Garcia

    Månad sedan

    Oh man that Kemba Walker jersey gOnNA be pretty awkward now lmfao .. trade it in lol

  91. George Selinas

    George Selinas

    Månad sedan

    Whip out the al horford jersey now lol

  92. Jack Roessler

    Jack Roessler

    Månad sedan

    oof the kemba jersey...

  93. Cole Elkins

    Cole Elkins

    Månad sedan

    Simons gonna have to get a new jersey for tobi because they just traded kemba walker

  94. BigRandomUn


    Månad sedan

    This is a really sick video, but it's just peak how it took Simons video 1 motnh to get to 3 million videos whereas it took Tobi's 6 months.

  95. Van Huynh

    Van Huynh

    Månad sedan

    The motionless acoustic reciprocally stroke because fireplace ganguly own as a careful antarctica. sick, auspicious rotate

  96. Josh Jarrett

    Josh Jarrett

    Månad sedan

    Tough kemba getting traded soon😂

  97. Coolio


    Månad sedan

    10:45 doing his best YourRAGE impression



    Månad sedan

    Me and Tobi are now Bestfriend without knowing cause his favorite team is the Celtics

  99. yomma


    Månad sedan

    You're a great friend Simon!

  100. Blub


    Månad sedan