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  1. Thatbearinthetophat


    Dag sedan

    We have kettles and tea

  2. CR13


    2 dagar sedan

    We drink sweet tea!

  3. Dued Bowler

    Dued Bowler

    2 dagar sedan

    We literally have tea kettles

  4. Wesley Kroon

    Wesley Kroon

    2 dagar sedan

    5:11 got me crying😂😂😭

  5. Devin Neville

    Devin Neville

    2 dagar sedan

    We aren’t allowed to have phones during exams and there is a switch on the lights of the Christmas tree

  6. RedJacketProduction1


    4 dagar sedan


  7. Gary Foster

    Gary Foster

    4 dagar sedan

    As an American with a kettle, and who almost got suspended because my mom called me during a test

  8. DrEagleclaw Animations

    DrEagleclaw Animations

    7 dagar sedan

    47k away from 10 mil

  9. WyattW! [OFFICIAL]

    WyattW! [OFFICIAL]

    8 dagar sedan

    2:34 “I guess, you know, you can just say, e”

  10. Dominic Arthur

    Dominic Arthur

    10 dagar sedan


  11. tumi mogau

    tumi mogau

    13 dagar sedan

    react to family guy

  12. m.r popo

    m.r popo

    13 dagar sedan

    i love how simon is adding these dobre brothers girlfriends secretly in the thumbnail

  13. Dev B

    Dev B

    16 dagar sedan

    as someone who occasionally stutters I know the feeling (I even make fun of myself so no big)

  14. Çryptic Cryø

    Çryptic Cryø

    16 dagar sedan

    Gaystation and Xbox are different

  15. Riley Gouge

    Riley Gouge

    18 dagar sedan


  16. David Burnell

    David Burnell

    18 dagar sedan

    Man KSI/JJ would be laughing mad right now.

  17. Eli Harrelson

    Eli Harrelson

    19 dagar sedan

    I have a kettle and im from the USA

  18. Aman Dhaliwal

    Aman Dhaliwal

    19 dagar sedan

    That’s true I’m on xbox

  19. Imma Ragequit

    Imma Ragequit

    21 dag sedan

    the be honest who's actually cheated in a test and got the highest grade in the class and nobody knew that you cheated?

  20. Endi Wang

    Endi Wang

    22 dagar sedan

    on the last one i almost threw up ngl

  21. Sara


    22 dagar sedan

    They didn't play the one with ✨Daddy chill✨ that one is hella funny.

  22. stay frosty

    stay frosty

    23 dagar sedan

    man said america dont have kettles

  23. Rude


    24 dagar sedan

    2:33 I am confused?

  24. XxdjxX


    24 dagar sedan

    Where did they get that we dont have tea kettles from?

  25. Mary McCusker

    Mary McCusker

    25 dagar sedan

    do more with tobi

  26. Among us Bad timing

    Among us Bad timing

    25 dagar sedan

    That Xbox is not true tho

  27. _DNJ


    25 dagar sedan

    0:52 none of those are true 😂 we have all of those things for the most part

  28. Quinten Does Magic

    Quinten Does Magic

    25 dagar sedan

    Uhh we have kettles.... and we can’t use phones on exams either

  29. Sniper


    26 dagar sedan

    They are so dumb 😂 what are you going to do your going to plug your Christmas tree in and the lights are going to turn on right away 😂 there is a switch on the tree 😂

  30. Bayside Story

    Bayside Story

    26 dagar sedan

    Bullshit, we never had any electronic devices in the room. From CA USA Even the clock was off limits XD

  31. jules harper

    jules harper

    26 dagar sedan

    1:21 in America and we have kettles and we aren't allowed to go on our phones during exams wtf

  32. Ayaan2k7


    27 dagar sedan

    well mostly...

  33. Ayaan2k7


    27 dagar sedan

    everyone has switched to pc

  34. Best Believe

    Best Believe

    29 dagar sedan


  35. Xx fe4r GODLIKE xX

    Xx fe4r GODLIKE xX

    29 dagar sedan

    We have kettles in America and the last time I did in exam my teacher took our phones AND PUT THEM IN A FUCKING SAFE

  36. Jackson Matash

    Jackson Matash

    29 dagar sedan

    The one that says things the uk has but the USA doesn’t we aren’t aloud to have anything during exams

  37. ur son father

    ur son father

    Månad sedan

    If you wanna see the whole clip from 2:14 search “DATE KICKS GUY OUT OF CAR AFTER HE SAYS THIS!!”

  38. Erik Dippenaar

    Erik Dippenaar

    Månad sedan

    If you are just as confused as me it was a copyright cut .

  39. IcyBoldHawk1


    Månad sedan

    We have switches for our Outlets

  40. shilo1331


    Månad sedan

    we make tea by the gallon if we do most of the time. there's very few people that i know that make it by the cup. not that i know all of America its very different from place to place across the country.

  41. SGT Un1Qe

    SGT Un1Qe

    Månad sedan

    I just use a coffe machine to warm up water and then put my tea packet in there

  42. Aidan Ogawa

    Aidan Ogawa

    Månad sedan

    We have kettles

  43. Lu Kang T

    Lu Kang T

    Månad sedan

    We have all of that and we can’t use our phones who told that nigga that at 1:40🤣🤣

  44. Worlds best Handgernade

    Worlds best Handgernade

    Månad sedan

    Bro what we have kettles I love tea it’s my favorite

  45. Añtõįñęttę Wįłłįãms

    Añtõįñęttę Wįłłįãms

    Månad sedan

    I really love this collaboration 1. Ksimon 2. Simon X Toby this is too good😭

  46. Atl1s


    Månad sedan

    1:35 CAP

  47. Addi Miner

    Addi Miner

    Månad sedan

    as an american we cannot have our phone during exams and we do have kettles

  48. Braedon McIntyre

    Braedon McIntyre

    Månad sedan

    Yo I live in America, none of that is true about us not having kettles. Also we can’t use our phone for tests

  49. Joe Davis Music

    Joe Davis Music

    Månad sedan

    this duo is the most goated out of the sidemen

  50. Hayden Caldwell

    Hayden Caldwell

    Månad sedan

    capppppp i dont stop drinking tea and im american

  51. Steel


    Månad sedan

    y u cutting so many out?? put it or dont dont just show the las t half

  52. Faris Zikry

    Faris Zikry

    Månad sedan

    When I see a Karen I always havey gun at my dashboard to shoot at her

  53. Samuel Minton

    Samuel Minton

    Månad sedan

    In da things dat da uk had but da us doesn’t one, we do have kettles in da us and at least at my school we can’t use our phones in exams. It is true we don’t have switches on our plugs tho

  54. GGgaming


    Månad sedan

    america has kettles

  55. Henley Johansen

    Henley Johansen

    Månad sedan

    We have kettles

  56. Mantas Dapkus

    Mantas Dapkus

    Månad sedan

    Americans have kettle`s this dony is too stupid to realize that.

  57. Maddy Adkins

    Maddy Adkins

    Månad sedan

    No phone sin exams in the USA that’s totally made up

  58. Kobinski


    Månad sedan

    Why does he keep cutting random clips out, but he still leaves in the reaction to the clips

    • DaFuzzBearYT


      17 dagar sedan

      Copyright cuts that SE-one makes

  59. Phoenix967


    Månad sedan

    The last one is 100% not staged.

  60. ༺Layla༻


    Månad sedan

    Can I just say we're not allowed to be on oir phones during exams and we do have tea kettles!

  61. Nathaniel M

    Nathaniel M

    Månad sedan

    We have kettles and no we can’t go on our phones

  62. Kylie’s Fax Machine

    Kylie’s Fax Machine

    Månad sedan

    Some outlets have switches here but they are usually attached to a normal light switch on the wall

  63. Chongo Ok

    Chongo Ok

    Månad sedan

    7:00 btw the guy said in spanish that that's his cousin

  64. Ben Tran

    Ben Tran

    Månad sedan

    2:44 wait i dont get it. Anyone care to explain?

  65. Sheff Kane

    Sheff Kane

    Månad sedan

    Lmaooo y’all got switched on plugs?

  66. Jim life24/7

    Jim life24/7

    Månad sedan

    So I keep forgetting and finally followed through with it and that is that as an American that 1 dude is a whole liar we have had kettles in america for at least the 23 yrs I've been breathing.

  67. Vandunski


    Månad sedan

    Ok we do have kettles wtf

  68. samolTV


    Månad sedan

    We don’t get our phones on test lol

  69. Djdkekejejrj's main channel

    Djdkekejejrj's main channel

    Månad sedan

    In America we do have kettles

  70. Ishan Karani

    Ishan Karani

    Månad sedan

    Do collages with lazer beam for the next one

  71. Cian Boi

    Cian Boi

    Månad sedan

    We do have kettles

  72. Coolcalo Cool

    Coolcalo Cool

    Månad sedan

    Canada has kettles

  73. Rebecca Sims

    Rebecca Sims

    Månad sedan

    We do have kettles and sometimes there are switches on Christmas lights (they ain't running 24/7). We aren't allowed phones for tests or quizzes. If we are caught with a phone during an exam, we get an automatic zero, phone locked up (sometimes), and detention or even suspension.

  74. Alles für die Familie

    Alles für die Familie

    Månad sedan

    All click because of the Thumbnail, damn…

  75. Elliot Cringe

    Elliot Cringe

    Månad sedan


  76. bored lord

    bored lord

    Månad sedan

    I was here for 5:56

  77. vihas the man

    vihas the man

    Månad sedan

    11:00 lmao

  78. Ice wallow come

    Ice wallow come

    Månad sedan

    Who's topi

  79. MV7playz


    2 månader sedan

    every one put there pickup line in the coments

    • MV7playz


      2 månader sedan

      there are 8 planets in our solar system but theres only gonna be 7 when i destroy uranes

  80. iamijd


    2 månader sedan

    1:35 they drink coffee

  81. Alex AK

    Alex AK

    2 månader sedan

    We do have kettles lmaooo

  82. Henri Horsley

    Henri Horsley

    2 månader sedan

    All minter tiktok videos have books in the thumbnail

  83. MD-W17


    2 månader sedan

    Guys tommyinnit is on 9.3 million we need to sub to simon 😱😱

  84. Rancid


    2 månader sedan


  85. Chance Carter

    Chance Carter

    2 månader sedan

    No one in america can use their phone in exams you doughnut

  86. YusGryfn1


    2 månader sedan

    We have kettles

  87. OvvU


    2 månader sedan

    Brotherrrrr We ain’t got no PHONE during EXAMS And I’m American!

  88. qt- breezy

    qt- breezy

    2 månader sedan

    We have kettles

  89. Kate Knight

    Kate Knight

    2 månader sedan

    Omg that girl. Was pissing me off orange is not just a girl couler

  90. JohnEJ


    2 månader sedan

    Cap Americans have kettles what lmao

  91. Danny 6677

    Danny 6677

    2 månader sedan

    We just unplug the cords it’s that simple

  92. IDKanymore


    2 månader sedan

    WAIT......... people are allowed to go on phones during exams?

  93. Revan


    2 månader sedan

    1. Kinda true, but a lot of us use Surge Protectors which do have switches. 2. Tea isn't super common here but regardless, we do have Kettles or a similar type of device. 3. This is the most incorrect thing I have ever heard, if you are caught with a phone its an automatic F on the exam for any school or class I have ever been in. That is just so false

  94. Isaac Delatorre

    Isaac Delatorre

    2 månader sedan

    Nah we have kettles

  95. Jay Sutton

    Jay Sutton

    2 månader sedan

    How do you make a custom notification for iPhone?

  96. joshua hellouno

    joshua hellouno

    2 månader sedan

    that man got 2/3 things wrong

  97. Filip Stepnowski

    Filip Stepnowski

    2 månader sedan

    I live in America and we have kettles.

  98. AstralViperYT


    2 månader sedan

    My friend: It's hard to offend British people Me: 10:29

  99. carson murray

    carson murray

    2 månader sedan

    Just about everything they said about America was wrong we aren't allowed to use phones and we all have kettles this guy dumb as hell



    2 månader sedan

    One in five peopeo😂